Scouts this Friday we are starting to build real (yes real) boats designed to float and carry a patrol member. We’ll be working on this activity over the coming weeks.

Skips around Cambridge have been raided for cardboard, and all sorts of waterproofing/ sticky materials have been ordered from Ebay.

We’ll be working on our boats over the next few weeks, getting them as strong and waterproof as possible, before finding a (very shallow pond-sized) piece of water to test them out on. All patrols will be hoping to avoid the titanic (= ‘epic fail’) prize for the shortest-lived boat.

At the same time, over coming weeks Ian J and Simon G will be taking groups to one side to start work on the mechanics badge, which should be a ‘cool’ one to have.

Parent helpers this Friday are Rob M, Eddie R-W, Jay C and Dave H.