Please see below a copy of the email that has just gone out to our Scouts distribution list:

OK Scouts tonight is cancelled.

Reason = Jay and I are both ill and feeling sorry for ourselves. It’s the first time in 5 years that this has happened.

Apologies if you are reading this having been down to the hall to try and find Scouts. It’s little compensation but please congratulate yourself for NOT being one of those stressed out bunnies who makes themselves constantly available through email and Facebook (this message will go on the website and Facebook in a second).

I am away overseas the next few weeks and it’s likely that Jay will need some extra help – so please don’t be shy. I think everyone knows this: Scouts is looking for more leaders. With two regular leaders things often fall apart when one leader is not available. With three regular leaders they never do. With four it’s like a party at the pub with your mates. So please don’t be shy.

See you soon!


From: Mark R
Sent: 29 January 2016 16:08
To: scouts
Subject: Help for tonight please!

Hello everyone,

Jay has been up during the night throwing up. And I’ve got a dose of man flu (definitely man flu this one rather than proper flu flu – but you know how us guys are capable of making a drama out of these things).

We are thinking of cancelling tonight (for the first time in five years).

BUT I am away the next few weeks so am prepared to dose myself with paracetamol and explain to the Scouts that it’s not because I’ll miss them that my eyes are streaming.

SO to avoid us cancelling tonight are there any parents (short notice I know) who are happy to come down with a car and let the Scouts loose on changing a tyre? You will need nerves of steel and will have to be prepared to boss them about a bit (you don’t want your car dropping on the road or on them). We need two parents confirmed plus cars to carry on.

Please let me know if, at this short notice, you can come tonight.

If not, at 5pm I’ll send out another email cancelling tonight (at which point I’ll start to look forward to feeling even sorrier for myself with a lemsip in front of the fire).

Please let me know if you can help tonight!