Scouts this week it was elephant polo. Well almost. Due to distinct lack of elephants, bikes were substituted instead. But in the dark, on the playground, it was at least as exciting.


Then it was back to the hall for table football with a twist.




Cobras aced the patrol points this week. Their tally included five bonus points for hall cleaning, loads of clean hankies and clean shoes, and a more-than-adequate collection of good turns. Here’s the detail:

  • Cobras: 10 inspection + 3 clean shoes + 4 white hankies + 1 bonus for Sam (good behaviour in line) + 3 good turns + 5 hall cleaning = 26
  • Eagles: 10 inspection + 2 for Elsa (clean shoes plus bringing shoe cleaning kit) + 1 good turn = 13
  • Wolves: 10 inspection + 1 for Ivan (best scarf) – 1 for Toby (no scarf) + 1 for Toby (hanky) + 1 for Ivan’s shoes + 1 for Ivan and Toby’s good turn (helping Oscar when he fell off his scooter – later reversed as post-meeting enquiry involving Oscar’s dad revealed that good turn actually just involved watching Oscar fall off his scooter) = 12.

Best elephant joke goes to Julia (Elliot’s mum). Q: “Why is an elephant big, grey and wrinkled?” A: “Because if it was small, round and white it would be an Aspirin!”