Scouts this week was run by Jay, Ray and Andy. The evening started with a game of crab football, which was enjoyed by all. 1-nil in the end! Andy then gave us a test on tying a reef knot. Not many of us knew how to tie a reef knot, but I for one have seen several round my house over the last week. Remember it’s like tying the first part of a shoelace, then cross over the rope and do it again. Simple right…

Once we had all managed to tie a reef knot it was time for a game. We never got the name of the game but it was great fun. The Scouts tucked their piece of string in somewhere so the leaders could see it, and leaders had to try and snatch the string off the Scouts whilst the Scouts ran from one side of the room (with touching the wall being the safe zone) to the other. If your string was caught, you had to join the catchers. This was a great game, and Andy kindly left us the string so we can re-run that game whenever we want.

We then moved onto getting some ideas out of the Scouts for what they wanted from Scouts. I have all the details they put down, and these ideas can be used by Mark and myself to plan some future activities in the coming year.

The last thing we had time for was starting map reading. Some of us had never read a map before so this was a great opportunity to learn how to find things on a map and what the icons look like. We were given 4 different things to find, which every team managed in the end (although there were no railway stations on one patrol’s map!!).

We got a lot done and had a great time. Thanks to Ray and Andy for helping run the evening.