Scouts this week – we’re trying to hatch a plan to get the boats in the water (weather is good, term is running out). Plan is emerging as we speak, so I’ll let you know as soon as I know more.

Outline plan = you drop your scouts somewhere Friday evening where they do their boat sailing (given that you’ll have to drive there, rather than driving back to Caldecote you may be better off hanging around with us – although obviously you can get your chap/ chapess to share a ride with someone else if Fridays are difficult for you).

Pick up around normal time but this is going to be one of those evenings where it’s going to be pretty impossible for us to accurately judge finish time so again, may pay to give up and just join in with us. Should be a lot of fun!

Do we have any parent volunteers to:
1) fire up a BBQ with sausages
2) make a Titanic celebration cake?

Top secret for scouts

The titanic cake

(expenses to be reclaimed from the group)

Don’t worry if not – because we’ve all got more than enough to keep us busy this week. It’s just an idea…

Will let you know as soon as we have info about location and timings – but at least you have some warning of what we are thinking.

PS – we’re also hoping to do a camp out one night in Caldecote Fri 19 July.