A chip monster has been sighted in Caldecote, running around dropping chips all over the place (that’s what chip monsters do didn’t you know?). We need your help hunting the chip monster down. Monsters just have to be hunted after all – it’s just some kind of Scout rule we’re sure.

Please come 7:30pm to the village hall (a slightly earlier time). Bring your monster hunting equipment. What would be really helpful is to bring at a minimum:

  • A torch (how else are you going to find the chips the monster has dropped?)
  • A greedy dog if you have one (we need all the help we can sniffing out the chip trail) – the greedier the dog the better
  • Waterproof walking shoes
  • A waterproof coat
  • Any parents or other family members who want to join us for the chip monster hunt.

Parents the top secret pick up location has been emailed to you (keep it a secret now won’t you). Pick up time is slightly later (9:30pm). We have tried to do the most accurate forecast we can of our Scouts’ chip-trail following skills, but please be understanding if your Scouts get a bit lost on their quest to follow the trail of the chip monster.