The cake

We all decide the event is worthy of celebration, with awards for the best boat (the Jackson 5), the winner of the most races (Sam’s and Anastasia’s team’s boat), the last boat still racing (Ivan’s team’s boat, with Toby as motor) and, of course, the Titanic “epic fail” award for the first boat to sink. That one goes to Zendon’s team. They get the glory of cutting the cake.

Eddie hard at work with scout fuel

Cake cutting

Many thanks to Mary-Ann Claridge for her amazing cake. She was like a fairy godmother who whisked down from Caldecote heaven, deposited a wonderful celebration cake, and disappeared before we had a chance to say thank you.

She asked me how many to make the cake for. I said not to worry, it was impossible to make too much cake for Scouts. It turns out I was wrong. After us sinking at least one boat during the evening, and on top of Eddie’s hot dogs, Mary-Ann managed to sink us with her delicious cake. The Scouts ate as much as they could but still managed to leave a little behind (that got donated to Lucy S’s Explorers camp this weekend – we’re confident that will disappear very quickly too).

Many thanks Mary-Ann for the perfect finish to our evening (and to Hardwick Scouts for lending us all the safety equipment)!