Building the camp fire

Waiting for dinner to cook

Cooking on the camp fire

Dessert Scout style

Scouts making tea on the campfire

Points awarded by Jay for the evening. This is the official word from Jay:

    Everyone did really well and scored 10 out of 10, with the following adjustments:

  • Minus 1 point for Wolves patrol as they had problems working as a team to get wood for the fire. Plus 1 for bravery for Jake’s burn. Plus 1 extra point for Henry’s enthusiasm and no complaining about the washing up (I actually had to stop him washing everything up!). Total of 12 patrol points.
  • Plus 1 point for Cobras patrol for ingenuity putting foliage on top of another patrol’s box when they found it (and minus one for treachery!). Total of 10 patrol points.
  • Plus 2 points for Eagles patrol as they were basically sipping tea after dessert whilst others were still trying to light their fires! Total of 12 patrol points.

We have totalled up patrol points over last term and know who the winning patrol is. There was only one point between first and second place (so it was close)! As soon as we start back next term the winning patrol members will get a prize, and then we start again with the new term.