This Friday we have our end of year camp out at the Leaman’s place, 38 West Drive.

Here are the details:
– Have dinner before you come.
– On site from 7pm. Start by setting up your own camp.
– Bring something to cook on the campfire. We will supply sausages (you can never have too much of a good thing) and marshmallows, so please don’t bring those. Kirsten M is supplying bread dough. So maybe one more different thing your Scout can have a go at cooking. E.g baked beans in an (open) tin, pre-cooked baked potato, bananas + chocolate in tin foil – all these have been popular before. See if you want some more ideas.
– Bring all your own kit. If there were a prize for this one, it would be for taking the most comprehensively minimalist approach to camping. Toby and I will be using a couple of tarpaulins. In the past we’ve had people turn up with plastic sheeting (and that’s it). You could try a big cardboard box. For this: less is more. But don’t worry, if you want to turn up with your Kath Kidston designer yurt, we won’t laugh at you (well, maybe just a little). Whatever you want to camp in is fine. But if there’s some glory to be had, it’s for surviving the Leaman’s garden with as little as possible.
– Bring a water bottle (with water in it!) – it’s hot!
– Clear the site by 10am Saturday. We will supply breakfast.
– No electronic gadgets please.

As usual, we would like parents to get involved – it could be fun. This is the list of CRB checked parents that we have (i.e. the ones who are allowed to stay over). Parents you can’t stay over unless you are marked as clear on this list: Scout CRB checks (although you can still attend for the first part of the evening). At a minimum your Scout will need some help setting up their camp for the night, so please don’t just drop them and run on Friday.

Important: please let me know ASAP if you and your Scout will be attending, and whether you will be attending just for the first part of the evening or staying overnight, as we need to make sure we have suitable accommodation arrangements, and enough adult cover.

Thanks a lot,


PS – if you have childcare issues at your place, and want to bring some extra brothers/ sisters down, please talk to me. I think you’ll find we will be accommodating!