This week Scouts Jay Grylls has another challenge for you. It’s going to require you to be creative (again) and employ all your powers of problem solving.

Are you up for it? We think you might be!

Patrol points (after inspections and during our crazy challenge last week) were 23 for Cobras, 18 for Eagles, 21 for Wolves and 20 for Stags. Plus Cobras got 5 bonus points for helping clear up – well done. You all might be able to do even better with your patrol points this week! Believe it or not, at the moment patrol points for the term are above 100 and there’s only three points between the top three places. White hankies (you never know when you might be called on to surrender or make sure a gentle-lady has something clean to sit down on), newly clean black shoes, a willingness to apply yourselves at the end of the evening and a healthy competitive spirit are probably all you need to thrive!

Meet in the village hall as normal 7:45-9:15pm.

Duty patrol is Eagles. We need your help cleaning up plus you get 5 extra points for it. (Eagle parents please be patient with your Scouts as they do their best to help keep the village hall tidy – or – join in!)

Scouts creative challenge badge