You’ve learned to set up your tent, chop your own firewood, light a fire and cook your dinner. Now it’s time to camp! Your kit list and other instructions are here.

Camp starts 5pm Friday 17 July Copley Scouting Centre, Westwood Road, Saint Ives. Just like you have to when you are in survival mode, you will be working as a team prioritising fire/ heat, getting a water supply, making sure you have shelter for the evening and… cooking food. You will be cooking your own dinner! You’ll have something nice and filling to eat and it’s going to taste good because you will have cooked it and earned your meal!

Drop off instructions for parents: 5pm Friday

Parents please park at St Ives recreation centre. Use this postcode PE27 6WU or map for your satnav and walk down the path (South towards the river) the 100m or so to the Copley Scout camp.

You’ll probably want to leave Caldecote say 4:30pm to be at camp for 5:00pm.

rec centre to copley

Emergency contact for Jay C is 07827 994 105 and Mark R 0788 181 6038 but reception is likely to be limited so if you need your child back at short notice it may be better just to come and find us on site.

Pick up for parents is 3pm Sunday.

Saturday 10:00am hike

Remember we are expecting to see some parents Saturday 10:00am to help monitor our hike (thanks Simon G, Kirsten M, Richard W, David G?, Mark W – although other volunteers are also welcome). 5 mile nice easy riverside footpath walk suitable for dogs and other vaguely energetic family members. Bring a packed lunch, sun cream and a rain coat. If you’re feeling generous some cash for Scout ice creams at the Houghton Mill tea shop (reclaim expenses from Lee H). Maps will be provided on the day. Your job will be to let the Scouts find their own way on the route but follow from some distance behind just making sure they don’t end up lost in Cambridge or Huntingdon.

See you Friday for camping fun!

Kit list for Scouts:
Rucksack/ kit bag (no bin bags or suitcases)
Scarf, hat and gloves
Complete uniform (to be worn travelling to and from camp)
Sun hat and sun cream
Warm sweaters, jumpers or sweatshirts
Sleeping bag & pillow
T-shirts or similar
Foam roll / karrimat/ camp bed
Camp chair to sit on (if you have one)
Trousers or shorts
Plate, bowl, mug and cutlery
Spare underclothes (one pair per day)
2x old tea towels (that may not make it home)
Spare socks (one pair per day)
Torch and spare batteries
Personal first aid kit
Hike boots or strong shoes
Day sack and plastic drinks bottle
Trainers (may get wet)
Polythene bags (for dirty clothes)
Waterproof (coat and trousers)
Swimwear and towel
Any medication you need
Packet of biscuits/ cakes to share with the troop
Personal washing kit and towel
No electronics

It is best to pack a rucksack or sports bag that you can carry on your back. Suitcases are not suitable.
All items should be clearly labelled with the young person’s name.