Camp out 25 Jul

This page is for the attention of those helping run the Scout camp out 25-7:

  • Ray A
  • Simon G
  • Dave H
  • Jay C
  • Mark R

Please favourite/ bookmark this page. Updated information will appear here.

What parents have been told appears here: kit list. Any mods to the kit list please email Mark.

  • Jay is broadly in charge of assembling much of the equipment we will need.
  • Mark is in charge of catering (Jay I have made some changes to the first draft based on what I saw working on Cub camp).
  • Dave is in charge of first aid.
  • Ray is the Scout nights-away permit holder.
  • Simon has provided the woods (thanks Simon – your spot is magical).

Latest versions of the relevant documents appear below. You should be able to click on the links underneath them to access and modify them (as long as you have a Microsoft account I think – and any Dad with an Xbox in the house should have one of those).

The idea is that you can change the documents from here. Then we all have access to the latest version (saves emailing around lots of different updated versions). Any problems with access (this is the first time I have done it exactly like this) please contact Mark.

Programme (all)

  • Edit the programme here: programme.
  • Equipment (Jay)

  • Edit the equipment list here: equipment.
  • Catering (Mark)

  • Edit the catering arrangements here: catering.