Register with the group

To register your child with our group, we will need the answers to a few questions.

Option 1 (preferred): please download and email the spreadsheet to us

If you are able, it would be helpful if you would please download and enter the answers into this spreadsheet: registration info, and email the spreadsheet to us.

Option 2: what if you don’t have Microsoft Excel on your computer?

This might help you if you don’t have Microsoft Excel installed on your computer.

  • A) Click on the link: registrations
  • B) Click on “Edit in Google Sheets” in the red box at the top (note you will need to sign in at the top right with a Gmail or Google account to get access to editing functions for the spreadsheet)
  • C) Add your information
  • D) Click “file”, “download as”, “Microsoft Excel (.xlsx)” and email the file to us.

Option 3: total technology failure

Write down the answers to these questions and email them to us.

  • 1. Child’s name
  • 2. What is your child’s birthdate? We need to keep track of their age as they move through the various groups (we can’t have Scouts who are about to graduate from university)
  • 3. Name(s) of parents/ guardians
  • 4. What is your address?
  • 5. What is your landline telephone number?
  • 6. What is the best number to get you on in case of emergency?
  • 7. What is your email?
  • 8. Does your child have special medical needs? What are they?
  • 9. Please can you confirm that you will show on-duty leaders how to administer medicines?
  • 10. Please confirm that you give permission for leaders to administer medicines
  • 11. What allergies does your child have?
  • 12. Does your child have special needs (that, for example, the school is aware of)?
  • 13. What is your place of work? We are always on the lookout for workplaces that Cubs and Scouts might find interesting (even if they’re not that interesting to you)
  • 14. What interests do you have? We are always on the look out for people who have an interest that might line up with a badge
  • 15. This is a parent-led voluntary group. Can you please confirm you would join other parents in helping with the running of the group?
  • 16. What do you think you could help with?

Option 4

Learn semaphore and teach it to us. Come to the next Cub/ Scout meeting waving flags about like mad.

24-2: looking for clues!

Dear Cubs & Parents, This week at Cubs we will be outside looking for Clues …….. Cubs, you will need to be ready for a challenge – but we know you can do it !! Please bring your Cub to the Village Hall at the normal time – 6pm. Collection...

Cubs 27-1

Dear Cubs and Parents, This week at Cubs we will be doing some science based experiments. Don’t want to give anything away – but it’s going to be great fun ! Usual place: Village Hall Usual Time: 6pm to 7.30pm We may need to be outside for part of...

Cubs 20-1

Dear Cubs and Parents, Sorry for the lateness of this email. I have been really busy offsite testing this week and Friday has come around oh so quickly ! At Cubs tonight we will be outside, walking around the village. (We will not be going into Hardwick woods or along...

Prep for Cubs 13-1

Dear Cubs & Parents, In preparation for Cubs this week, please could I ask all Cubs and parents to save and bring along kitchen roll tubes and toilet roll tubes on Friday (the cardboard tubes from the inside). We have a great game planned for Friday, but a bit...

Cubs starts 13 Jan

Dear Cubs and Parents, Hope you all had a great Christmas and New Year celebrations! Cubs will start back Friday 13th January. It will be the usual time : 6pm Usual place : Village Hall Best Wishes, Darrin (Akela)

Cubs Christmas party 16-12

Dear Cubs & Parents, Wow ! You guys made the Cambridge Evening News!!!! Looks like everyone had a fantastic time. So sorry I wasn’t able to be there and enjoy the fun. Best wishes, Akela, King Louis, Flunky and Baloo Aka Darrin, David, Chris &...

Cubs Christmas party

Dear Cubs and Parents, Following the conversations that we’ve had with Cubs, please find attached information for the Cubs 100th Party in two weeks time. The Party takes place at Hardwick Primary School and is between 6.30pm and 8.30pm Each Cub will need to...

Cubs 2-12

Dear Cubs & Parents, Wow ! December already ! Where has this year gone ? Cubs tomorrow will be in the village hall – I think we’ll stay inside after last week’s cold (but fun) evening of wide games outside. Usual place : Village Hall Usual time...

Cubs 25-11

Dear Cubs and Parents, Very sorry for having to cancel Cubs last week, but David and I are now feeling a lot better and looking forward to seeing you all this Friday ! The weather forecast looks dry (but cold) for Friday evening, so unless that changes – we will...

Cubs tonight is cancelled

Unfortunately I have to inform you all there won’t be any Cubs tonight. We are three leaders down – two due to illness (one of those is me) and so we can’t run unfortunately. Sorry for the short notice – last night I thought I would be able to...

Remembrance day

Dear Cubs & Parents, This Sunday at 10.45am there will be a service on the village green for Remembrance Day. The Cubs have been asked to place a wreath and be part of this service. I understand some of you may not be available, but if you are, please could I ask...

Cubs 9-11

Dear Cubs & Parents, Hope you all had a great bonfire night last weekend and enjoyed all the fireworks. Please don’t forget to bring your models & stories that forms the last part of the ‘Our Skills’ Challenge award badge – as we will...

Cubs 21-10

Dear Cubs & Parents, Yes there is Cubs tonight. No Cubs next week though – as it’s half term. Tonight at Cubs we are fortunate to have a Karate instructor coming to show us some of his moves. This is part of the Our Skills Challenge badge that the...

Cubs 14-10

Tonight at Cubs it’s all about ‘everybody’. A little cryptic I know – but I’m sure it will be an interesting evening. Please could all Cubs bring an empty toilet roll tube or kitchen roll tube with them. Usual place – Village Hall...

Cubs: tin required

Dear Cubs & Parents, This week at Cubs – it’s all about problem solving ! We are still working towards the ‘Our Skills Challenge’ Award badge – and the problem solving forms part of that. There will be 3 different problem solving...