We’re almost at the end of the term. After last Friday, the leading patrol has 120 points. Sounds a lot, but there’s only 10 points between the winner and the loser at the moment. For those mathematical geniuses out there that’s less than 10% between them (bonus point for the person who can tell me whether I’ve got that last part right or not). And, of course, there’s someone in between those two somewhere – it could be you.

So, get shining those shoes, digging out those hankies, ironing those scarves, consulting Anna’s brother who’s doing a maths degree: it could all make the difference.

Remember this week we are at Comberton sports hall. Time for Scouts = 20:40 to 21:55 (ooohhh that’s late). Please read the important details at: Scouts are going climbing.

Because all the leaders have realised that you break up next week, and we’re getting very close to Christmas now, 12-12 (the big climb-a-thon) is going to be our last Scout night for the term.

PS – these were the results from last Friday:

  • Cobras: +10 inspection +5 hankies +21 game results +5 cleaning up = 41
  • Eagles: +10 inspection +2 hankies -1 poor badges +21 game results = 32
  • Wolves: +10 inspection – 1 poor lining up +4 hankies +18 game results = 31.