Scouts this week is at 71 Clare Drive 7:45-9:15pm. We will be doing a Skype call with a US Scout troop – proving that the burly arms of Scouting wrap right around the world (doesn’t that make you feel all nice inside?).

Picture of USA

I liked it better when it was pink

Please dress up warm. Not because it’s snowing in America (snow can’t travel the internet) but because 71 Clare Drive is not big enough to fit the Scout troop in. So (amazing but true) we’re going to conduct Scouts from the drive at 71 Clare Drive. Yes the drive on the Drive. How is that possible? Technology reaches that far – that’s how it’s possible. Dress up warm and bring something waterproof to sit on (outside chair, plastic cushion, little brother).

Here are the questions from America. Have a think about how you would answer them and have a think about what you might like to ask a Scout group in the USA.

1. How does Scouting in your country work? What age can you join Scouts and what is the age limit? What age did you join?
2. Do you have ranks, if so what are they? In America the highest rank you can gain as a Boy Scout is Eagle. What is your highest rank?
3. What are some of your favorite things about Scouting? What do you do at your meetings?
4. We have a Scout Oath, Law, Motto and Slogan. These are very important and we say them before meetings and other Scouting events. If you ask us, we can say them for you. Do you have anything like that, if so, what are they?
5. The history of Boys Scouts is very important to the Boys Scouts of America. All scouts must know how and when Scouting started. If you ask us, we can tell you. Is this something that is important to Scouting in your country?
5. Do you have uniforms? What do they look like and when do you wear them?
6. What are your favorite foods?
7. What is school like in your country? At what age do you start school? We have grades and you start school when you are 5. Do you have different schools you go to depending on your age? We go to Elementary school from grades Kindergarten to 5th grade, Middle school from grades 6th to 8th and High School from grades 9th to 12th.
8. We do not go to school during the summer and we have several holidays we are off from school. For example, we get two weeks off for Christmas break and one week off for Spring break (usually around Easter). Do you get any extended breaks from school? What are some of the holidays when you do not have to attend school?
9. Do you play any sports? What sports are popular in your country?
10. What are some of the things you do for fun? Do you have any hobbies? What are your favorite places to visit?
11. What is the weather like where you live? Do you get snow in the winter?
12. Have you ever been to America? What places did you go to? If you haven’t been here, would you like to visit, if so, what places and things would you like to see?
13. Even though we both speak English, there are some words, objects and items that have different names or meanings. What are some these things you think are funny or interesting? For example, during the practice call you showed us your torch. Here we call them flashlights.

How they do it in America

How they do it in America

Shes definitely going

How we do it in Caldecote (Zendon you are still a legend)