15-4 we had Olii helping us get ready for a Summer camp (thanks Olii). Also Elsa’s Mum (Mandy) helping us with foam/ radioactive gloop twister. This was a new game for us which took a bit of organisation and we wouldn’t have gotten there on it if it wasn’t for you: thanks Mandy. Above and beyond the call of duty as Elsa wasn’t even there!

There was no stopping the Scouts on our version of Twister (“Radioactive gloop? We’re not scared of that!”). I think everyone would like to have a go at that one again.

Then at the end there was just time for a quick rendition of our own favourite: Country Roads, at the tops of our voices. Jo’s and Miles’s Dads (Wayne and Kevin) found themselves dragged into that one: “Just as much fun as a Take That concert”.

Congratulations to the Wolves who won last term’s patrol points competition. Sam and Ana your team mates have taken your prize away to give to you. Don’t get too excited – it’s more about the glory of winning.

There were only three points between the top three patrols last term so it really was wide open up until the last minute. This term it’s a brand new patrol points competition and anyone could win – all those patrol points count! This week patrol points were:

  • Cobras: 2 for game results plus 5 for hall duty (great job guys – you did it really well on the clean up – I was impressed)
  • Eagles: 4 for game results
  • Wolves: 1 for game results (not your finest effort but console yourself with the knowledge that you just won last term’s competition for the second time in a row)
  • Stags: 3 for game results.

See you next week!