Scouts here we have some pictures of you letting off the hot air balloons (see right at the bottom).

The history of flight quiz was based on this material from NASA: history of flight. Well done for getting the order right.

A reminder of the answers to some of the bonus questions:

  • Which country invented the jet engine? UK (I tricked you Wolves patrol, it wasn’t New Zealand). The adults team got this answer wrong – it wasn’t Wales – not off to a great start adults. See here for more about Frank Whittle and the history of the jet engine.
  • Why was the jet engine important? Lighter, more powerful, meant aircraft could travel further.
  • How was the Wright brothers’ plane powered? Engine plus propeller (you could see that from the NASA info you had).
  • Which country somewhat controversially (and trying not to suspect a conspiracy theory to bury the news on the part of the US) claims that a sheep farmer might have beaten the Wright brothers to it? Yes: New Zealand. No adults, it wasn’t Wales. You can find out more here: which was the first self-powered aeroplane?
  • Which country invented the jet boat? Yes I agree that a jet boat is not that useful in Caldecote, but it is very useful if you have a sheep stuck at the end of a long flat shallow river and are desperate to get it home. Otherwise it would be a very long walk. No it wasn’t Germany or the US. The answer is: New Zealand (Wolves I told you some of the questions would have a New Zealand theme). You can find out more here: a perfectly adequate sheep transportation method, just not so great for flying. Adults, sorry it wasn’t Wales who invented the jet boat.
  • Which country invented the rocket? You can find out a lot more here: history of rockets. China developed gunpowder rockets (like fireworks) probably a thousand years ago to use in war. Modern rocket-type devices, using different type of fuel (that could travel further and faster than gunpowder rockets) were created by Germany and used to bomb London towards the end of the second world war. That technology was used by Russia to get animals, and then people, into space. No no no – not Wales adults.
  • Why was the rocket important? It meant people could go into space.
  • What ‘first’ did the US definitely get? The first to get people onto the moon.
  • What’s the difference between a missile and a rocket? Very little. A missile is designed to hit the earth very quickly again and blow something up, but they work the same way.
  • Which country, this week, has (a little belatedly) just announced plans to enter the space race? What’s that adults – do I hear “India!”? No, sorry, it’s Wales: Wales in space.

Well done for all your answers! Try not to cry adults for doing so badly.

Patrol points tally

At the end of the evening it was:

  • Adults last with one point (a sympathy point)
  • Cobras got 4, Eagles (with Eshan and Connor on the team) 8. Wolves a respectable 7.

Eshan and Connor earn the joint title of: “Caldecote Scouts most likely to become rocket scientists”.

Total patrol points for the evening were:

  • Eagles: 10 inspection + 8 quiz = 18
  • Wolves: 8 inspection + 7 quiz = 15
  • Cobras: 9 inspection + 4 quiz = 13.

Remember there’s a prize at the end of each term (probably next term, not this one) for the patrol with the most points overall.


Hot air balloons