We want to keep out and about as much as possible and make use of what light we have at the start of this term. So please note for our first Friday back we have a change of time and venue. 6:45pm to approx 8:30-8:45pm near Wimpole Hall – see the map attached below for venue location. We recommend that you aim to leave Caldecote about 6:30pm but we’re going to all meet at the route start point – see the map attached for the exact location.

For the parents: we’re going on an off-road cycle ride on the edge of Wimpole hall and you’re invited. Don’t worry if you don’t have a bike because we’re going to have a separate group of walkers as well. So it’s cycling for those who want to cycle. Walking for those who want to walk. Please feel free to bring siblings, dogs (you will need a dog lead in case you see stock but most of the route avoids stock and the routes are all off road) and any other hangers on who might enjoy some fresh air. All routes are off road for the whole of the route. The cycle routes we have are 5 miles long (at 5 miles per hour cycling that should take only about an hour right?) and the walking route about 3 miles – so nothing too strenuous.

For the Scouts: we hear that a great big giant has been spotted near Caldecote at Wimpole Hall. We’re not expecting to run into him, but we’re at least hoping to find some evidence that a giant has been about. Bring your (off road) bike if you have one because giants can move fast and you want to be able to go quickly too. As well as your bike bring your helmet. Bring some torches/ bike lights/ helmet/ reflective/ waterproof clothing. Don’t worry if you don’t have a bike because we’re going to have some different groups including one for the walkers so you can walk if you don’t have a bike.

Scouts you are going to be looking for giant evidence. Even giants need a rest every now and then – even giants like a sit down. So on your travels you’re going to be looking for giant evidence. That is, you’re going to be looking for a giant’s chair. Can you find a giant’s chair on your travels? That’s your mission this evening! You will be given a map but no other guidance. It’s up to you to follow the route, find the giant (chair) evidence, not get lost and (as it gets dark) hopefully not run into the Wimpole giant himself!

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