Winter Camp January ’16

It’s time to register your interest for Wintercamp 8-10 January ’16. A weekend of more fun than you can imagine (and a chance to strap on your wellingtons, put on as many layers as you possibly can, and find out how hard you are). Last year we had more than a dozen from Caldecote joining with Comberton and 5,000 other crazy Scouts for full on fun and a total change from Winter dreariness. If, in your head, you are able to combine mud, all your mates, the biggest fairground you’ve ever seen, chips, lots of very fresh air, doughnuts and a music festival inside a big fridge then you’re half way to understanding Wintercamp. Ask one of the others who has been before if you are not sure (parents remember you are welcome as helpers too – you may want to sew yourself into long johns for the weekend).

See the pdf attached below and please register your interest with Jay so we know what group size we are heading for. Email:
jayscouts100 [@] yahoo [dot] co dot] uk

Cost we think £65. Some of this covers the entry fee and the rest goes to Comberton to keep everyone fed and watered for the weekend. We might be able to bring this down a bit e.g. to £50 subsidised from group funds if the committee agrees (we want to do everything we can to encourage participation – we like to be able to offer this kind of thing more cheaply than it would be available elsewhere e.g. through school).

PGL November ’15?

Also remember we are trying for a PGL camp for just our group (now thinking November) – so there’s plenty of fun to be had. This would be an activity type weekend (with indoor accommodation/ catering provided) different from what we did before the summer. Lois and I checked it out last year and we think it would be BRILLIANT It will be A LOT cheaper than what the schools charge for doing this kind of thing. We think the kids will enjoy going through this kind of experience with their close Scout mates rather than as part of a big school group. Also (buoyed by the fun we had on camp?) we are conscious that this is the last year we will have the (now) Y9s we started the group with 5 years ago and we want to provide as many opportunities for them before (sniff sniff) we have to say goodbye. Places will be limited I am afraid. Watch for further details coming very soon but we’re trying to confirm a last minute place at the moment.

Estimated cost brought down hopefully to around £50 per Scout if I can get permission from the committee to subsidise it from group funds. Again parent helpers are always welcome.

After this it will be a long time till our next camp (Summer ’16).

Download (PDF, 2.36MB)