Scouts 6-5 was our car rally with a difference.

The Scouts (making the best possible use of their Mum/ Dad taxis) had to collect:

  • Chips
  • A real dog
  • A tree (without damaging the environment)
  • A bike
  • A photo of their car filled with the greatest number of people possible
  • An ice cube
  • A fish finger happy meal with carrot sticks no chips from McDonalds
  • An interesting fact about each member of your group plus one lie that no-one else in the other groups would be able to spot
  • The signature of the most important person they could find
  • Smelly socks
  • The best foam whotsit beard.

whotsit beard

Amazingly everybody got everything in the hour.

Congratulations to the Eagles who managed to get the signature of a police officer and also raided Comberton Scouts to get FOURTEEN people in Jay’s car.

We still need to find out whether we are capable of flushing out other patrols’ lies – so we’ll have to use that to tie break our competition the next chance we get.

The learning objective for the evening has been met. We have discovered that dogs really like whotsit beards!