Scouts 5-6-15 Jay is in charge and there’s some definite fun to be had. We are NOT at the village hall this week. Drop off and pick up from the Gautrey’s house please:


Remember: we live in the countryside (lucky us). It’s like a big farm around here. And this time of year there are lots of pollen producing plants making whoopee. Talk to your science teacher if you don’t know what any of that means but basically there’s lots of pollen about. So if you’re an asthma sufferer or a hay fever sufferer you might want to bring your inhaler and/ or other meds.

Important: Friday’s the day to get your camp forms in

Also, while you were on your X-boxes during half term last week, Jay and Skip visited the camp site for 17-19 July. It looks GRRRRReat! Here are some reasons why this one will be better than any other camp you have been on:

  • It’s dead cheap (you can use that as an argument to hit Mum or Dad up for camp pocket money – even though you’ll find there’s nowhere to spend it on camp you’ll be able to keep the money and spend it later on pokemon game cards or whatever you young folks are into these days)
  • You get to survive with your mates from Caldecote Scouts – it’s all just for us
  • No-one will insist you wash or change your clothes or brush your teeth
  • It’s your chance to try out your very own brand new patrol tents – the ones Jay got for the group (ask him how he did it – he’s a genius)
  • You get to cook everything on campfires. When you get home you’ll smell like an old cigarette butt and your sister won’t want to go near you.

It’s going to be good fun and the excitement is building!

This Friday is the day to get your camp forms in.