Pictures from the cooking on the campfires:

campfire cooking 1

campfire cooking 3

campfire cooking 4

campfire cooking 2

Points as awarded by Jay:

  • Each Patrol started on 10 Points
  • Plus a point to each patrol for completing the challenge as everyone ate!
  • Toby minus a point for abandoning your patrol to sit with the girls patrol
  • Jake minus 2 points for playing jungle fireball – We need to discuss – if it happens again, leave whatever is on fire and call a leader. Could have set fire to the floor of the forest easily as all wood was dry.
  • Girls plus a point for the best firewood stock.
  • Girls Plus a point for getting on with the whole thing with almost no supervision or help.
  • Jack minus a point for turning on music
  • Elsa minus a point for turning on music
  • Results = Cobras 7, Eagles 11, Wolves 12.