Scouts this week we are continuing our work on the mechanics badge, concentrating on seeing whether we can change a tyre as well as Lewis Hamilton’s pit crew.

Scouts come along with your ‘serious’ hat on. This should be fun, like completing a puzzle – it’s all a good challenge for your teams. But it’s valuable equipment you’re working with that could be damaged if you don’t be careful with what you’re doing (Adam earned a special bravery award last week for trusting the Scouts with his brand new Audi). Eventually, after we’ve completed a few more challenges like this, there’s a badge involved for those who work hard at the activities.

As last week, we’ll be outside – so please dress warmly.

PS – well done for spotting the faults with the leaders’ cars last week (low tyres, low oil). That was very helpful and makes the whole exercise worthwhile. Maybe you can find out whether the leaders have done anything to fix their cars over the last week?