28-11 it was “Jay’s amazing game” (his very own invention). A little hard to describe but it involved all of i) running around like mad in the dark ii) something close to 10-pin bowling iii) scoffing pretty much as many sweets as you could eat as quickly as possible. An awesome combination.

Patrol points for the evening were:

  • Cobras (as judged by Jay): +10 inspection +5 bonus inspection points (hankies etc) = 15
  • Eagles (as judged by Dave): +10 +3 bonus inspection points -1 for attempted hanky fooling +1 best rolled scarf (Elliot) = 13
  • Wolves (as judged by Rob): +10 -2 for talking in line +5 hankies (easy points there folks) +2 best rolled scarves (Sophie & Faith) = 15.
  • crazy-golf-game