Scouts this week we have some more challenges for you. As with the others you’ve had recently, you’ll need to be VERY creative.

Bring along all your acting, poetry, singing and dramatic skills (you’ve got those right? – if you’ve got some doubts – remember you’ll be working as a team so you might need to rely on the other thespians you have there).

You may want to brush up on the Christmas story. You may need to revise because, as per the Daily Mail article, the Christmas story DOES NOT have anything to do with aliens, recycling bins, punk fairies, Elvis, footballers, lobsters, napkins, carrots, sprouts, pumpkins or a drunken spaceman. You may want to brush up. In the proper story there was a baby, a star, some shepherds and angels. Have you got the story straight?

Also, here’s another clue as to what we’ll be doing on Friday:


Intrigued? You should be. See you Friday 7:45pm-9:15pm in the village hall.


PS, patrol points last week were:

  • Cobras – 12 inspection points + 7 for game results = 19
  • Eagles – 11 inspection points + 4 for game results + 5 for duty patrol = 20
  • Wolves – 14 inspection points + 5 for game results = 19
  • Stags – 12 inspection points + 4 for game results = 16 points.

Right now the top 3 teams have got total scores of either 121 or 122 – that’s how close it is folks!