Hi Everyone,

This week we visit Manor Farm at Bourn, to continue work on our Animal Carer badge. Directions are: Turn into the driveway to Manor Farm and Abantu coffee shop – opposite the Bourn surgery, on the main road through Bourn. Follow the drive around to the right, past the black barn and Knibbs Meat, until you reach the carpark. Meet by the steps to Abantu coffee shop at 6pm. Postcode is: CB23 2SH.

You are welcome to stay, or you can drop and run, but we need you to pick up your darlings where you dropped them, at 7.30pm please. Mark, Darrin and I will be ready for a gin by then.

Please kit your Cubs out in wellies and a coat. Full uniform as usual.

The Parent Helpers are Marcus Goad or Helen Asquith, plus Lee or Ange Hewitt.

See you there,