Absolutely brilliant news for our groups. Jay C (Connor’s Dad, in Scouts) and Darrin S (Lucy’s Dad, in Cubs) have both independently decided to step forward – they’ve offered to join the groups as leaders!

And they’ve decided to do this without any kind of strong arming or press ganging at all (honestly – you can ask them). They must have worked out that it’s all just good fun.

Darrin qualifies because he’s almost successfully (well he’s really tried hard anyway) to teach the Cubs how to navigate their way out of a paper bag. Jay qualifies because he’s the biggest fire bug in Caldecote, and is making sure the Scouts follow in his footsteps.

It’s absolutely fantastic news because it adds more depth to our leadership team – it’s exactly what we needed and wanted!

They’re going to be joining the other parents involved in the group:

  • Jake C (Dad of Oscar) – Committee chair
  • Lee H (Dad of Sam) – Treasurer
  • Richard W (Danny, Anna)/ Emma M (Thomas) – Group committee members
  • Dave H (Henry) – Group Scout leader (with responsibility over all the groups)
  • Mark R (Toby) and Jay (Connor) – Scout leaders (along with Rob M, Ivan’s Dad – regular parent helper)
  • Mark L (Anna), Lois R (Faith), Darrin S (Lucy) – Cub leaders

Thanks guys!

(Please give them a hearty slap on the back when you next see them)