This week half the group are canoeing, half the group are doing firelighting with Jay Clarke at the Gautreys. This week 20 Sep group A are canoeing. Group B are firelighting.


Group A – canoeing 6:00-7:30pm 20 Sep, firelighting 7:45-9:15pm 27 Sep

  • Jack C
  • Archie J
  • Ana W
  • Elliot J
  • Eshan W
  • Hannah G
  • Georgina J
  • Ethan G
  • wpid-IMG_20130920_202429.jpg

    Group B – firelighting 7:45-9:15pm 20 Sep, canoeing 6:00-7:30pm 27 Sep

  • Sam H
  • Thomas M
  • Connor C
  • Jake W
  • Zendon B
  • Ivan M
  • Henry H
  • Toby R

    Instructions for those who are firelighting:

  • Time = normal time 7:45-9:15pm
  • Venue = Gautrey’s place = Longmeadow, with the “pet hay” for sale signs outside, south side of the village, where the Y6 leavers party was before school broke for the summer
  • Wear warm clothes (we will be outside). Bring something like a cheese and ham sandwich, buttered both sides, broken into quarters, each quarter wrapped in tin foil – that can be cooked on a fire, but still eaten raw if required
  • Bring a torch (it will be dark).

    Thanks Jay C for running this activity for us. Thanks Simon G for hosting us at your place.

    Instructions for those who are canoeing:

  • Time = 6:00-7:30pm
  • Venue = Grantchester mill pond, just off the bridge on the map attached
  • Wear strap on sandals or trainers that can get wet. Anything else (e.g. crocs) gets stuck in the mud and lost forever – we’re happy to guarantee that for you
  • Wear shorts and/or lycra thermals or waterproof trousers if you have them. Don’t send them along in normal longs or tracksuit bottoms because they will get wet legs as soon as they step into the canoes and they will stay wet the rest of the session
  • Wear warm fleece/ lycra/ waterproof lightweight coat on top, plus a woolly hat
  • Please stick around to see what they’re doing, or pick them up promptly with something warm they can jump into – they are likely to get cold!

    Thanks to Razz from Hardwick Scouts for hosting us. Thanks to Mark L for towing the canoes! (I will be replacing Mark L at cubs over the next two weeks, and then joining in the firelighting – so I won’t see any of you at the canoeing).


    Yes it’s late in the year now, and it’s hard to get into Cambridge for 6:00pm, but the scouts have asked specifically for this activity so we’re thinking that they are likely to still enjoy it – that’s why we’ve bothered to organise it.

    Transport – volunteers please!

  • Please can we have a volunteer to take Hannah G to Grantchester for 6:00pm this Friday, and pick up again 7:30pm?
  • Please can we have a volunteer to take Connor C, Ivan M, Toby R to Grantchester for 6:00pm Friday 27 Sep (their parents will be tied up firelighting)?

    Please feel free to email me with any questions.


    Mark R


    Grantchester map for canoeing:


    Grantchester Cambridge map


    Map for firelighting:


    Simon G's house, Caldecote Cambridge