We’re all starting to get our heads around packing here – the excitement is building.

If you’re missing your kit list, or need directions – all that is available here: cub camp.

One thing that didn’t manage to make it onto the kit list: no electronics for kids please.

Of course, there is a risk that they get lost. But, more than that, we want the cubs to have max fun (of a different kind). I have very vivid memories of one instance when we had all the kids sitting around a campfire for an hour or two – but watching one cub play a game on their Ipad. So this time, please can we keep kids’ electronics (DS, Ipads, tablets, phones) locked safely in the cars over the weekend? We’re going to have heaps of fun I am sure, but sometimes kids have to reach a small patch of boredom before they invent something exciting to do (on the Hardwick family camp Sam H and co spent hours poking logs into a great muddy bog: absolutely fabulous).