Hi Parents,

It’s getting close to Cub Camp, so please find info below:
1) Camp Kit List – attached
2) Directions: Postcode is NG32 3ER

I’ll try and be there early to greet you all, but on arrival head to reception, and if I’m not around, the staff will help. We will have a PGL group Leader allocated to us, who will greet on arrival, take us into meals, and will be the main PGL contact during the stay. In addition, there are 3 Cub leaders in attendance – myself (“Bagheera”), Dave (“King Louie”) and Chris (“Flunky”).

Our accommodation is in adjoining log cabins called “The Fens” – check for your names on the cabin doors. Dinner is at 6pm every day, and we will be leaving after the Sunday afternoon activity at 5.15pm. (I didn’t book dinner at PGL – figuring that you’ll be wanting to make a move by then).

3) Activities: the group will be split into 4 smaller groups, which will rotate around our allocated activities during each day – listed below. Everyone will have the opportunity to do everything. There is a camp fire planned for Friday night.

Saturday: High Ropes / Tunnel trail / All Aboard / Raft Building/ Ambush
Sunday: Kayaking / Sensory trail / Fencing

No doubt there will be more info to share with you, but I hope this is helpful in the meantime.



Kit List for Cub Camp July 2016 – per person

Please bring old clothes!

Complete uniform – including hanky, scarf and woggle
Socks (that cover your ankles)
Wash bag and towel (for shower)
Waterproof coat
Plastic drinks bottle in a small day rucksack

Wet activities: (On both Sat and Sun)
Trainers/sandals that can get wet
Long sleeved Tshirts
Short sleeved Tshirts
Shorts / swimwear
Old towel
Binbag (for dirty/wet clothes)

Dry activities:
Long sleeved Tshirts (for activities that need arms covered)
Short sleeved Tshirts

Collapsible deck chair – if possible
Torch and spare batteries
Sunhat and suncream (I remain hopeful!)
Any necessary personal medication
Pocket money – no more than £5 per child, please

Cubs only: sleeping bag/duvet and pillow. (Bottom sheets are provided. Adults are classed as Party Leaders and have all bedding provided)

Please name your belongings! PGL charges to return items.

Phones and electronic equipment are banned for the Cubs during the weekend, and we’d ask for adult discretion in using the same in front of the Cubs. All 3 Cub Leaders will be carrying phones should you want to leave yours behind.