Copy of email instructions for cubs tonight (meeting in Camrbridge) – sent out by Lois 1-11:

Hi Cub parents,

Hope Half Term is a joy…………..

Just to let you know in advance that the next Friday Cub meet is in a different location to normal, and the Cubs will need transport. On Friday November 8th, Caldecote Cubs will be meeting outside Holy Trinity Church in Cambridge at 5.50pm – I would allow at least 30 minutes for the journey time. (Yes, I know, an awful time to make it into Cambridge, but at least we’ll be against the traffic for most of the journey). This outing is so the Cubs can achieve their Faith badge, because they have to visit a place of worship to attain it. Last year we took them to the Cambridge synagogue, and it was a really interesting time. I realise that this will be a bit of a late night for the younger Cubs, but as a one-off, I hope you’ll think it’s worth it.

I’ve attached the link for the church, so that you can find directions. This is the church that our family attend, and we generally park in the Lion Yard carpark, but if you can find somewhere cheaper, go for it. The Cubs will meet in the church at 6pm, in full uniform, and the Children’s Church pastor, Matt, will be hosting us for the evening, until the usual finish time of 7.30pm.

Near the end of the session, two Cubs will be taking their Promises, and I’ll be emailing those families separately.

It should be a great time – Matt and his team are very experienced at providing fun and information on a regular basis for a large number of children. Parents are very welcome to stay, or you can drop and pick up at 7.30 – whatever you feel like.

Barbara S and Emma W – your families are down to provide an adult Parent Helper for that evening session, please. The Parent Helper notes are attached for your information, just so that you know our expectations. Sincere thanks, as ever.

Any questions, email Mark L (Akela) or myself.

Kind regards,


Holy Trinity Church Cambridge