Hi Cub families,

This week the sorting hat has re-shuffled the sixes and appointed new sixers and seconders, so woggle colours may well be swapped, and leadership stripes may well be given out to be sewn onto jumpers.

We will be saying goodbye to Olii Wilson, whom we have mentored into becoming a full leader – he’s off to Southampton Uni to read Modern Languages. Hopefully Scouts will be joining us at about 7.15pm, so that we can take some photos with Olii as a Caldecote Cub/Scout pack and troop.

‘Human Bingo’ will be played, but we may also caterwaul outside for one of Akela’s ‘run-off-some-steam’ games, so please bring a coat in case it rains.

Next week we will be introducing the concept of Good Turns, as part of attaining the Promise Challenge badge – Mums in particular like this part of the programme as it often can involve household chores! We aim to achieve the following badges before Christmas:

  • Promise Challenge
  • My Faith badge
  • Animal Carer badge
  • DIY badge

Plus we want to invite some visitors in to share their expertise. Plus we will have a Remembrance Service to attend on 8 November. I will send you weekly emails to tell you what’s happening, but if in doubt, please check the website for up to date info (which we will hopefully keep current). See you tomorrow.