Dear Cub parents/carers,

Please find attached details of the proposed Cub summer camp, and a booking form. Your Cub will be coming home from our meeting 22-4 with an additional leaflet about the centre we are using.

We’ve had great times together on camp in the past 3 years, so I’m looking forward to spending time with as many of you as possible, in the rural wilds of Lincolnshire. In addition, the activities have been chosen to tie in with the Cubs receiving their Adventure Challenge Awards, at a badging ceremony on the Sunday afternoon.

You may ask why we chose the last weekend of term. Simples: 1) availability (this place gets very booked up); and 2) price (for some unknown reason, everyone else wants to wind down to the summer hols. Not Caldecote Cubs – we finish the term with a flourish).

See you later,


Download (PDF, 537KB)