A huge thank you to Lois, Mark & Darrin for organising and running such a fantastic camp over the weekend.

It was a real treat to see such a great bunch of kids completely 100% engaged in fun & challenging activities. For me, just sitting with a mug of stewed tea, watching them all charge around the field in the evening, making up games & climbing trees as the sun set, was a wonderful glimpse into a simpler ‘Swallows & Amazons’ type of childhood I bet we’d all like our boys & girls to have much more of. A real oasis in the crummy, modern desert of IPads, XBoxes & CBBC.

On Sunday afternoon, just when you were set to jump in your cars to head home to start washing the smell of bonfires out of your clothes & hair, I held you all hostage for 10 minutes or-so, to talk about how Cubs (& Scouts) is run & structured (now and in the future)…

All of us currently involved in 1st Caldecote Cub Scouts are just Mums and Dads like you! We are not ‘professional Scouters’, all have ‘full-on’ careers & families to juggle, but crucially, possess no more skill or entitlement than any parent to be involved with the group… We just love being able to facilitate the Cub Scout experience for the children of the Caldecote (& beyond).

As our leadership team’s children grow through Cubs, into Scouts & out into young adulthood, we need a steady stream of parents to become involved in order to secure the future of the group. This can be at any level – in any capacity – giving any amount of time.

I’m sure Seb’s Dad, David, won’t mind me mentioning his kind offer to get involved as an example… He’s been really clear that he can’t be there every Friday – in fact there may be longer periods where work/other commitments get in the way, but just having his name (and enthusiasm) on the roster to call on is a great boost for us. Thank you David.

So… We need more Davids! If you think you could contribute some time & enthusiasm please let myself or any of the leaders know.

If you do, I can make one promise…

Your Cub will be as happy as larry (and very, very proud) to see you getting involved & you will absolutely cherish the time spent doing ‘proper stuff’ with your kids.

Don’t be shy!

Kind regards

Jake Coppins
1st Caldecote Cub Scouts
jake [at] coppins [dot] org